Taking the first step into a brave new world…

As I sit here in our humble abode, amidst the child-fused energies that pervade the open spaces of our small apartment, with toys strewn all over our living room, I am spending what hours I can, usually after toddler amd baby night-time duties are done, or during afternoon naps even, to make what progress I am able, on my first two books which are similar and yet different. Both are period settings, with some actual history interwoven into fictional frameworks, so the powers of educating and entertaining, can both have a chance to dtir the hearts and imaginations of any and all who will come to read these stories, folow these characters and be drawn into their adventures.

As I ponder what the future could hold once I am an official published author, it is amazing to think of all that may be possible. I have spent far too long simpy settling for a status quo existence where any job would do. But now with such not even being granted as an option, perhaps its circumstance, combined with the creativity that burns within me, that propels me to finally put my years of interest in writing, to some formidable use beyond just poetry for family at christmas, or stories that stay lodged in the confines of my documents folder.

So as I start to seek Publishing companies as I want to have actual work published and on book shelves, I am keeping open to the ‘E-Book’ format too, and thus embracing every avenue available for the most exposure possible. It is exciting, exhausting and and very interesting to do my research into the material that will encompass my book, while researching the aforesaid avenues for when I complete my manuscript. Yet, I feel the greatest motivation coming from how my efforts can benefit my family, aswell as those out there that will read, and hopefully feel benefitted from what I have to offer.

So begins my blogs on my site here to chronicle the journey as I steadily work towards to finish line of these first two projects, and thus, hopefully, the start to a great and amazing career ahead. Putting into written form, all that stirs within my heart and mind, I have great expectations of what can be, and the contribution I can make to the world through this journey.

Until my next posting,